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Rolex Day Date Replica

The Swiss watchmaker, at the inaugural Watches & Wonders Salon in Hong Kong, presented their latest innovation, a Millenary Minute Repeater powered by an innovative system. The minute repeater is a highly valued technological marvel, not only for its uniqueness, but also for the in-house escapement, and the unusual construction of the regulating instrument, which uses two balance springs to provide high accuracy, stability, and shock resistance while at the same reducing power loss.Rolex Day Date Replica The new Millenary Collection timepiece is not only technically perfect, but also looks amazing with its dynamic, three-dimensional design, pink gold case, and unique interface.

This timepiece combines the oldest watch complication from the 15th century with the architecture of 21st-century robust 18 karat rose gold case, which has a diameter of 47mm. Audemars-Piguet has developed and manufactured this new 2928 Calibre movement. This case is beautifully shaped and polished. The innovative escapement combines Swiss lever reliability with the high efficiency of direct impulse escapements, ensuring optimal energy transfer. AP's escapement is also lubricant-free and increases the precision and stability.

The double spring system with opposite-facing coils is another advanced feature of the new mechanism. It offers numerous benefits. The fully wound mechanism can last up to 7 days with two barrels. The energy is stored in the third barrel which is twice as large as normal. The balance spring vibrates at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour. A balance-stop system ensures accurate time setting, and a security feature, which is part of the new wounding system, prevents any damage.

The interface's stunning design allows the wearer to see the galvanic treatment, the hand-beveled interior angles and the edges. The sapphire case-back gives the wearer a complete impression. You can see the 'blued gong' of the minute repeater on the dial side. It matches the color of the hour, minute,patek philippe calatrava replica and small seconds hands. The white enamel dial has been positioned off-center to provide a unique angle for showing the time. Roman numerals of different sizes are used to decorate the dial. Another nice aesthetic touch is the inclusion of a small-seconds dial in the larger display. The brown leather strap of the New Millenary Minute Repeater watch perfectly matches the golden case.